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Pretty in PINK

For the past couple of months I have the opportunity to become an ambassador for pink blush. And it has been an amazing experience thus far. Being able to share beautiful affordable pieces of clothing with you all has been so much fun. I wanted to share some awesome pieces of clothing that's perfect for this beautiful spring weather that finally showed up. I totally fell in love with this off the shoulder top and this beautiful coral dress below and P.S. the dress is a maternity one that you can wear before, during or after baby.

I love that all the pieces are so easily transitional from pre baby, during pregnancy and afterwards. The best part most of the pieces I have thus far are so comfortable and soft. For example this cardigan below is sooo soft,cozy and warm.

Lastly this beautiful floral dress is my fave so far. It's so flowy and covers up but the back is slightly open, perfect for a warm summer day. I cannot wait to wear this dress on a date night out somewhere. If we actually get a date night LOL.

And below I found some more beautiful pieces that I am lusting after. I am sharing some pretty everyday dresses and spring/summer tops. What are some staple items you have in your closet? Mine would have to be dresses, they are easy and you look put together although you didn't try that hard.



Thank you so much for reading along. Please comment below of what your staples are in your wardrobe.

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