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REVIEW: Lily Jade Shaylee

We had received this bag a while back. And we wanted to really test it out for a while before we shared our thoughts on this LILY JADE SHAYLEE Diaper Backpack. And to say I am in love is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

This bag just keeps getting better and better after each wear. The bag just gets softer and and has that beautiful worn in look. And the smell. Could you believe even after a month the bag still has that yummy leather smell.

Some INFO about this Diaper bag:

- Updated removable, washable 12 pocket organizer (patent pending) with two small handles that tuck away when not in use

- Changing pad

- Adjustable, detachable extra long strap for messenger carry or backpack carry - now wider than ever for additional comfort

- Gorgeous double sided leather tassel with natural stone beads and individually cast logo bead

- 1 extra large exterior zippered pocket

- 2 large exterior zippered pockets--perfect for extra large phones

- Zippered interior pocket

- Two interior pocket

- Dimensions: 13"(H) x 5"(W) x 14.5" (L)

- Shoulder Strap Drop: 12”

- Cross Body Strap: 56" - new, improved length

- Cross Body Drop: 16" - 30"

- Weight: 2.8 lbs

The pictures above and below are some close up shots of the bag. As mentioned in the INFO portion. The bag comes with the messenger strap that I have turned into the back style because I need my hands free to chase after my two monkeys. I will share a video below of how I looped the messenger strap through to get the backpack style. I have used this bag for all occasions, for work, to church in a dressy outfit or like the shot above, just a casual mom outfit. You will not regret getting this beauty. And bonus it doesn't even look like a diaper bag.

A little side note, this bag is real genuine leather, so if you did live somewhere that rains a lot like where I am from, I don't take this bag out I swap in my Ryla Diaper back pack instead (also use our promo code MAI20 to get 20% off your RYLA Diaper bag). Or if you do wish to take this bag out I suggest getting the special water proof sprays and do a light coating on the bag just to give it some protection from the weather.

Thank you so much for reading along. So tell me are you a diaper bag hoarder too.... LOL because I got three and still want more.

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