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MOM: Staying Active

After having children, being healthy is a huge priority. I wanna be around to see my kids grow and hopefully one day even see my grand babies. Which is why I loved partnering up with Misfit watch. It tracks everything from your activity level (how many steps you have taken/distance), calories to your sleep. And the best part it doesn't even look like a smart watch, it looks like a chic modern everyday watch. It even has a built in system to notify you of calls, texts, and app alerts + alarms and movement reminders with a discreet vibration.

Misfit Path Hybrid Smartwatch also never needs charging, boasts a battery life of up to 6 months, and is swimproof up to 50 meters, so you can do it all and stay one step ahead at all times. And if your like me and like switching up your accessories, misfit has a big selection of straps that you can purchase to switch out the look of your watch.

Staying active as a family is always a goal. We try to get out once at least everyday if its either going to the park or a walk around the nature paths we got close to home. Now did you know that majority of households harbour so much technology that daily face to face interaction is almost non existent. That is such a scary thought. Which is why we made a conscious effort not to be on our devices when we are home as a family. I know it sounds crazy but we do not have cable television. Between television, computers, devices and mobile phones our kids have never been more digitally connected but less socially connected.

Besides the obvious benefits of staying active, but the time spent together as a family, being active also has an emotional benefit too, especially for kids, its a great time to bond, communicate and of course have fun.

Being active has so many benefits:

- balances our mood

- releases neurochemicals in our brains (this chemical is associated with happiness)

- releases the daily stress

- being active with parents can provide that safe and nurturing space for kids and teens to let it all out in a more adaptive manner

We all wanna lead by example when it comes our kids, of their health and well being. Modeling positive behaviours goes a long way, we influence how they see the world and lifestyle choices, so if we start now with staying active and leading healthy lives, this will only ensure that our kiddos will do the same. Which in turn creates life long habits.

But these positive habits aren’t just for our children, parents also get a lot out of it. Being active together can be a great way for you all to bond, particularly as children get older and traditionally withdraw somewhat from their parents.

Being active doesn’t just benefit kids, it benefits parents too. It can help us to also balance out our mood states, reconnecting with our kids is a natural thing at the end of each day.

More INFO about the MISFIT PATH HYBRID Smart Watch

- 3-axis accelerometer automatically tracks your activity and sleep quality and duration

- Customizable vibration alerts for call, text and email notifications, movement reminders, and alarms

- Enhanced Bluetooth 4.1 for fast, reliable wireless data transfer

- Date and time automatically update upon syncing your device

- No charging required, replaceable CR2025 coin cell battery lasts up to 6 months

- 36mm case crafted from from stainless steel in matte finish with polished top ring

- Swimproof and water resistant up to 50 meters

- Easily interchange 16mm straps with the simple button closure

- When changing strap styles, easily retain matching buckle (buckles come with a quick-release spring pin)

What are some fun activities that you do as a family to stay active..... Do you use a misfit type watch to keep track of your daily activities....

P.S. This post is sponsored by Misfit and Statusphere, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thank you so much for reading along, because without you all this would not be possible.

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