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First Trimester Update....

Can you believe we already in the second trimester (okay I want to insert one of those surprised face emojis LOL). Its been quite a crazy ride so far. This pregnany has been so different from my other two. I have never been so sick and even at 19 weeks, its still here in full force and especially bad at night. But to recap the whole first trimester, it was a whole of a morning sickness, feeling exhausted because caring for two older kids while doing a lot of solo parenting is crazy. I am just so thankful that my kiddos are both a little older and understood when mama was feeling sick she needed to lay down that they played together while I rested for a bit. But I am telling you this exhaustion is real and as my OB said pregnancy in your 30' s is so much different than pregnancy in your 20' s and she wasn' t kidding. The exhaustion is like you ran in a marathon and than did another marathon.

Some symptoms I had....

- All day nausea

- full on exhaustion

- crazy food aversions (I couldn' t stand the smell of meat)

- leg cramps

- and did I mention full on exhaustion LOL (and it hasn' t gone away either... where is that 2nd trimester burst of energy everyone talks about)

Now onto the not so fun things... I am currently on bed rest. At 16 weeks my OB decided it'd be best that I get off my feet. I had high blood pressure, swollen legs and cramping. Also fun side note both my kiddos were premature and with my history I am on mandatory bed rest. Which is rather hard to do being solo (my hubs works away a lot for work) and caring for two kids you can say bed rest is rather hard to do. But we are managing and when m hubs has time to be home he' s full on present and takes over so I can rest.

But even with all the crazy symptoms I am beyond grateful for this little baby. I hadn't shared but I had two miscarriages last year and honestly didn't think this would be in the cards for us. I has been a long crazy journey and here we are halfway there to meet this sweet little #rainbowbaby... But it's been really hard to enjoy, I'm just filled with anxiety and hoping and praying that we make it till the end and get to have this sweet little baby in my arms. But I'm trying really hard to enjoy it all and we even started getting some little baby items here and there. But next up will be a crib we are currently on a hunt for the crib and stroller. Am I the only one that loves baby gear shopping.

The day I found out I was pregnant I will never forget. I had just got back from picking up my little girl from the last day of school before winter break. I had a bunch of tests hanging out because ya know when your trying you kinda get crazy and buy a bunch of tests. I remember getting the kiddos dinner ready and I went to the bathroom and thought what the heck I'll do the test it'll probably be negative anyways and to my shock I was pregnant I literally cried in disbelief and so annoyed because my hubs was away for work so I would have to wait two days to tell him the news and I really didn't want to tell him over the phone which gave me some time to think of a fun way to tell him. I got a two gifts bags (one smaller than the other) I placed the test wrapped in tissue paper in the smaller bag and placed it inside. I put the small bag into the bigger bag filled it with a fun little note and a bunch of diapers. But when he finally came home and I gave him the bag I will never forget his reaction a huge smile on his face appeared. We hugged for what seemed like forever.

I think the most nerve wracking part would have to be going to the doctor to do some more tests and when she said congratulations and that everything looked good I was never more relieved. But being totally anxious and crazy I took like a million more home pregnancy tests before our next ultrasound to make sure I was still pregnant I know crazy right... but if you know that gut wrenching feeling after miscarriages you'll know that feeling of wanting that baby so badly and praying that everything will be okay. But thank goodness that day finally came and we got to see our sweet little baby on that screen just wiggling aorund and hearing the heartbeat. I was hooked... this baby is soooo wanted and soooo loved it doesn't even know how much. My kiddos are even more excited for this little baby. They keep asking when is the baby coming out they can't wait.... the anticipation is literally killing them. And they love it that my belly is growing and they get to touch my belly and say hi. It's seriously the best feeling ever.

Thank you so much for sticking around and following on this journey with us. Keep on a lookout we will have some more baby posts coming soon.

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