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H&M Shopping Fun

We had an incredible opportunity to check out the new H&M Natalie L’ete Collection. The kiddos got to sip on lemonade, put on tattoos, colour pictures and of course shop. We found so many sweet pieces. My little girl literally had a heart attack and wanted to buy everything LOL. Obviously we didn't and compromised and she got some of her fave items.

These two walked around for what seemed like forever LOL searching for things they wanted. My little guy found some cool shiny tees and this little bunny found some beautiful dresses. I also got some baby items but I will share that in another post.

Go check out H&M online or in stores for all the new spring items they got. they have so many beautiful prints and colours.

My little guy are obsessed with these special tees, they are actually those cool sequins that move up and down the picture changes on the shirt. I mean two in one tee right LOL.

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