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Baby Wearing

Of all my babies, this little peanut is the only one that loves to be in a baby wrap. Especially with having such terrible reflux, she cries in pain and the only thing that helps is being with mama. But with two older kids I need my hands free so these Beluga Baby wraps are a serious must for me.

After some thorough research, reflux seams to really affect baby girl when she's laying down so being in an upright position in the wrap has given baby girl so much relief to needless to say me and little peanut are together a lot LOL.

I have so much good things to discuss about baby wearing where do I even begin. Babies going from being all warm in a comfortable environment to poof being born out in this new environment so it's not a surprise they want to be held and with their mom all the time. As famous Dr.Harvey Karp (his books happiest baby on the block) has theory that human babies need a fourth trimester in the womb, which is why the first three months of a newborn's life can be a bit chaotic. Most mommas of newborns would all agree that their baby won't sleep except on their chest and that baby doesn't want to be put down. By wearing your baby, you meet their instinctive need for closeness and help them adjust to their new environment.

Some benefits of baby wearing

- May help with wind and colic relief

- Improves baby's core strength (A worn baby is given the perfect environment to develop strong core muscles, lifting their head to view the world)

- Baby wearing is convenient (I can definitely agree with that

- Babies worn in slings are happier (less crying, feeling a sense of security being close to mama)

- Baby-wearing is healthy for you (Getting in some exercise)

- People won't touch your baby (as much) especially with newborns you do not want random strangers trying to touch them.

- It's good for cognitive and social development (babies that spend less time crying, have more time to learn about the world around them and interacting with their environment.

- Research shows it can decrease the risk of postpartum depression (its boosts a mothers confidence with the transition into motherhood and enhance a new mom's overall mental health. Baby wearing can help you break social isolation by making it easier to take a walk, stay active or meet some friends. Lastly, baby wearing increases the amount of time spent doing skin-to-skin with your baby.

And now onto the good part... all about this gorgeous line of the most softest bamboo baby wraps.

With all three of my babies I tried baby wearing. But this third time around has been a game changer since baby girl loves being carried I have tried so many different types of baby wearing from the classic carrier to this wrap. I am definitely more of a baby wrap mama than the classic carrier. And this baby wrap is the most softest and strechiest wrap ever. This line from Shop Beluga baby has so many different prints and colours to choose from and I want them all.

Some facts about this Baby Beluga Wrap

- suitable for babies newborn to 25 pounds

- Made from sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo

- unique four-way stretch

- Beluga Baby Wraps are proven to reduce crying by at least 40 percent

- Length: 4.2 metres

- Free shipping on orders over $100 (in the U.S. and Canada only)

- Shipping time: four to seven days in the U.S. and Canada, and two to four weeks internationally

Thanks so much for reading along.... This is not a sponsored post... we just wanted to share about how much this line of baby wraps has helped so much.

Are you a baby wearer mama... do you like the classic baby carrier, wrap or sling.


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