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DIY: Advent Calendar

I don't know if its this whole staying home ever since this pandemic started. But OMG I've been doing a whole lot of fun DIY's and the kiddos have loved jumping in to help. I'm sharing the easiest DIY. If you're looking for more inspiration check out my Insta I have a bunch of fun Holiday tutorials saved in my highlights.

This DIY is super easy to put together, just take a bit of time. The time consuming part would just be tying all the twine to the paper bags and branch (frame) for the advent calendar. This whole DIY including all the goodies to put inside the bag was under $20. I found all these items at our local dollar tree.

I hope you give this DIY a try. Its super easy to put together. My kiddos we're sooo stinkin excited this morning to look inside and see what special item they got.

P.S. I’ve connected with some amazing Bloggers to share some blogs featuring Advent Calendars. DIY, store bought and more! Never heard of it? Head to each of their blogs to check out what they are sharing.




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