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It's Party Time

Ever since we took my kiddos to see the very first LEGO movie, they were hooked. Now our playroom always has piles of LEGO BRICKS all over the carpet.

For the celebration of our third baby’s birth, we had a little party and of course the kiddos really wanted a Lego themed party. But with three kiddos I am not exactly one to go and plan a HUGE party, so I went uncomplicated but I think it went pretty darn good.

We started with adding fun balloons to the walls, I think the kids had so much fun blowing up all the balloons. We made little LEGO cups with a simple drawing of a LEGO minifigure face. The kiddos made little LEGO builds as decor for the party table.

We made a few key decor choices, simple doesn’t have to be boring am I right? The kiddos had a kick out of the fun LEGO minifigure face on the cups. We placed out yummy snacks for everyone to munch on. The best part of the party is of course the activity table. We set out face painting, LEGO minifigure colouring pages, Guess how many LEGO, and LEGO thank you bags for all of our guests.

The colouring page area is simple, but we made a little LEGO marker holder, with the LEGO guessing game who ever guesses the right amount wins a prize.

The party invitations were pretty fun to make and so easy. We cut out little circles and glued them on the front of the folded cardboard papers. And made print outs of all the information needed for the party.

We also added a bit of fun, we made an awesome large Pin the Head on the LEGO minifigure. My little girl helped draw funny faces to pin onto the LEGO minifigure’s body.

This was by far the most fun the kiddos had in a while. We ate, laughed and of course had so much fun getting the party all set up. A party doesn’t have to be huge, but with some simple decor pieces and activities it was huge hit.

This post is sponsored by LEGO.


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