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Getting through a TOUGH PREGNANCY

I have been on bed rest since 16 weeks due to preterm labor symptoms. My past two pregnancies I delivered preemies one at 35.5 weeks and one at 36 weeks so as a precaution my OB decided better safe than sorry. So here we are almost 30 weeks, 10 more weeks to go or I'd this little baby girl is anything like her big brother anything sister she'll definitely come early.

We tried for baby girl for so long, after two miscarriages, this little girl is my little miracle rainbow baby. You would never think after getting pregnant so easily with my first two it would be so hard the third time anything around. Throughout this whole pregnancy this little girl has taught me so much. That you can't control everything.

Being on bed rest, on meds for preterm labor and hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme sickness in pregnancy) all I wanted was to get through this pregnancy and get to hold my sweet baby girl but we got thrown another curve ball.

I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and low iron (a double whammy) adding some more complication to this pregnancy is all I needed. I'm sharing below some things that's really helped me get through it all.

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This one was a biggie. Baby girl taught me to let go of my expectations. I expected everything to go smoothly. And it has been anything but right from the time we started trying for a baby. I learned that when it was time we would get pregnant and as it turned out God had other plans. We lost two babies. And finally got pregnant with baby girl we found out Christmas eve and it was seriously the best present ever. I learned to let go and go with the flow. As long as baby girl was growing and healthy I don't care what aches and pains I'll go through as long as we make it to the end and I get to hold her.


Honestly this one helped me so much. Having a group of mommas to talk to. Find other mommas to lean on. Mom groups on Facebook is awesome. Or reach out to the mommas you already know chances are they've gone through something similar but not everyone talks about it. It may seem scary to reach out and put yourself.out there, but honestly talking about it will make you feel so much better and so not alone.


Ask your partner for help. During a tough pregnancy trying to go it alone and deal it by yourself will be rough. Especially if you have other kiddos, having help will relieve some pressure of trying to it all. Try hiring a maid once a week to help with cleaning, reach out to other moms to do carpool so you will have less school runs.


Somehow with all the hardships throughout a pregnancy, you keep going and push through. Every ache and pain is so worth it when you feel that sweet baby kick and move in there. It's truly incredible to sit down and just feel that sweet baby move around, nothing quite like it. Even when your terrified this overwhelming feeling takes over and all you want to do is protect this little baby and endure it all.

Thanks so much for reading along. I'd love to hear about your pregnancy journeys.


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