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Oral Health

This post is sponsored by PDG Dental, but all thoughts/opinions are my own.

Oral health is so important; it’s also linked to overall health of our entire body. And to make ensure my kiddos have great oral health visiting a Pediatric Dentist is essential part of their health.

We had an opportunity to visit Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics for the kiddos to get their checkups. It was such a positive experience and we would highly recommend PDG.

From all our moving and growing our family, dental care had gotten lost in the shuffle. And to be honest it had been a while since my kiddos had a dental checkup. And this visit was definitely needed. My kids were a bit weary of what the visit had in store and the staff at PDG were amazing at making my kiddos feel comfortable and explained the whole process of what the visit was all about.

The visit began with the dental hygienist introducing herself and explaining what the visit entailed with getting the kiddos dental x-rays and teeth cleaning. The x-ray process was so easy and fast. The whole x-ray process was explained in detail to my kids, everything from why they needed pictures of their teeth to talking about the x-ray machine.

Once the x-rays were done, each of my kids got their teeth cleaned all the while watching a fun movie, how fun is that to watch a show while you get your teeth cleaned. I remember when I was a kiddo; we never got to watch a movie while getting our teeth cleaned.

Once the kiddos got their teeth cleaned they were given special coins to get a prize for being such great patients. The whole visit from start to finish was so smooth, painless and easy. Especially with the kiddos being super nervous and weary, everyone made them feel so at ease, explaining the whole process at each step.

Not only were the kiddos kept at ease, the staff kept me informed and at ease about the whole process as well. After the whole process was done, I was met with the Pediatric Dental Specialist to chat with me about my kids x-rays, any concerns and tips to help with caring for my kids dental health. I felt so informed about what I can do to improve my kids dental health.

PDG not only provide pediatric dental services for infants, children and adolescents, they also provide orthodontic services emergency care and Invisalign.

From the whole visit I left with so much useful information and here are some awesome tips I received from the visit:

- Brush your children’s teeth twice a day when they are babies, then teach them to do it on their own when they get older

- Use an electric chargable toothbrush it helps the kiddos teeth cleaning routine (the chargable toothbrushes maintain their cleaning strength rather than the battery operated ones)

- Make sure your kiddos get enough fluoride whether it be through their toothpaste or fluoride tablets

- Having a healthy diet, high in fruits and vegetables and low in added sugars.

- Avoid sugary drinks

- Regular dental checkups and cleanings. Coming in every six months

Helping children develop healthy habits to care for teeth while they are young is important. These habits set the stage for good oral health care throughout their entire life. They can avoid many of the problems that result from poor oral health, including gum disease and cavities.

We ventured to the Delta location:

Suite 107 – 6345 120th St Delta, BC V4E 2A6



Monday-Saturday  8:00am – 5:00pm

PDG have several locations to choose fromand you can also book your visit online as well.

Thank you so much for reading!


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