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RECIPE: Vietnamese Spring Rolls

With Chinese New year coming up this weekend. I wanted to share a super easy vietnamese spring roll recipe. And best part you can find most if not all of the ingredients at your local grocer and everything can prepped and cooked within 20 minutes from start to finish.


- 2 pounds of ground pork

- 2 pounds of shrimp

- 1 pack of egg roll wrapping paper

- 1 pack of wonton wrapping paper

- 2 eggs

- 1 tbsp of fish sauce

- 1 tsp of black pepper

- 1 tsp of garlic powder

- 1 tsp of onion powder

Dipping sauce

- 1 tbsp of soy sauce

- 2 tsp of sugar

- 1 tsp of hoision sauce

- 1 tsp of oyster sauce


1. Cook ground pork on medium high heat. Cook the meat about 3/4 way through. When the meat turns slightly pinkish white you can take it off the heat to cool and drain the excess fat.

2. If frozen thaw out the shrimp. Once thawed. Peel and set aside.

3. Combine seasoning and set aside

4. Chop shrimp into little pieces.

5. Combine Pork, shrimp and seasoning in a large bowl. Crack on egg into the bowl and mix everything thoroughly.

6. Make an egg wash combing the remaining egg with a bit of water and set aside.

7. Open packakges of wrapping paper

8. Place egg roll wrapping laid out like a diamond. Place about 2 tbsp full of shrimp pork mixture onto the egg roll. Fold the point end closes to you over top the mixture. Fold in each side and continue rolling down till you make a little roll.

9. Preheat skillet on medium heat with about 2 inches of oil. Continue this wrapping process (until desired amount of rolls you'd like to have)

10. Once skillet is heated up start placing the spring rolls into the pot. Cook each side for about 2 minutes or until golden brown.

  1. Let cool and enjoy the delicous spring rolls. (I'll add a few different options for dipping sauces below) (FREE PDF RECIPE CARD)

Dipping Sauce

Combine all ingredients and mix (the longer the mixture sits the better it gets)

You can also do a traditional vietnamese dip as well. Combine equal parts fish sauce, warm water, lemon juice sugar, two mined garlic.

Or an easy peanut sauce, combine equal parts, chunky peanut butter, soy sauce, hoision sauce, fish sauce, 1 tsp of garlic powder.

I think Chinese New Year celebrations is handsdown one of my faves. I remember as a kid when we went to Vietnam for chinese new years. It was the last visit I'd ever see my grandpa and grandma alive. They died not too long after this visits.

I love all the fun and special traditions I grew up with for this special holiday and love that I get to share this with my kids. I hope you enjoy this easy recipe.

Thank you so much for checking out our recipe. I would love you to join our little fam on here so don't forget to subscribe.


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