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REVIEW: Baby Jogger City Elite

I've finally gotten my act together well sort of LOL. We got a new stroller for baby girl. We ended up going with the Baby Jogger City Elite and couldn't be happier. Its seriously the most luxurious stroller we've gotten so far. Don't get me wrong I love our UppaBaby Vista Stroller, but one thing I didn't like about it was the wheels. It didn't have great suspension and this Baby Jogger has incredible suspension.

We live in a great little area out in the suburbs but our neighbourhood has certain areas that aren't as developed so the sidewalks are a bit bumpy so having a smooth ride is so important.

We ended up choosing this particular model "The City Elite" is like the SUV of of jogging strollers. It has forever foam large tires and high weight capacity that can carry a child up to 75 pounds and 26 inches of head height. Even with my little guy whose quite tall, he sat in the stroller with head space to spare. The stroller has an awesome deep recline if your kiddo falls asleep, with a swift little pull the stroller reclines with ease.

Not only are the large wheels incredible, the front wheels can be held in a lock position or swivel. So if your keen on going for jogs, the locked front wheel is incredible for brisk jogs. The handle bar is pretty awesome as well, it is adjustable for different heights. It would be incredible stroll for my husband whose 6'3 or for my 5'4.

The stroller also has a compact fold and if you have a smaller trunk, you can take out the back wheels with ease to make the fold even more compact. The stroller also comes with built in storage besides the great compact carryall basket. As noted in the photo above, the back seat of the stroller comes with a netted pocket, a little compact zipped pocket to store your wallet or phone in. In the handle bar section there is a parent console as well, with pockets for bottles.

I love the that you can lift the foot rest to make it flat for smaller babies. If you recline the seat and lift the foot rest, your child can comfortably take a nap. Not many stroller have this incredible feature.

This stroller has an easy lock at the bottom of the stroller with a flick of the foot the stroller will lock in place. The stroller has a five-point-harness with so much cushion on the seat, but the seat belt itself is padded as well.

And the best part this stroller has a one hand fold, yup you heard that right. The stroller has a little handle right in the middle of the seat between the 5-point-harness, give that little handle hook a pull and voila the stroller will fold and it also has an automatic lock as well so no fiddling with nobs or hooks to lock the stroller into a fold.

We also got the universal car seat adapter as well. Which is great, you can choose the infant car seat that works for you. We ended up getting the Safety First on board air 35 car seat. And it fits so well with this stroller and we cannot wait to have our baby riding in it. But I will note that the car seat adapter is sold separately. The stroller has an incredible 50+UV protection canopy, and it's a pretty large canopy that will definitely cover your kiddo.

The canopy also has two side vents that can be moved back and forth as well as three peekaboo windows and the best part the vents and peekaboo windows are held out of place with magnets so it wouldn't wake your sleeping kiddo.

We also got this sweet pink/white striped car seat cover to keep baby girl cozy and since she is coming late summer, it'll protect her from the sun as well. We got this gorgeous multi use cover from an awesome little Canadian shop "Tiny Miracle". This cover can be used as a breastfeeding cover or shopping cart cover... how cool is that.

As a side note, the cons of this stroller, all parts are an extra cost, such as the belly bar, kid food tray, infant car seat adapter, baby bassinet and weather shield are all an extra cost.

What are some of your favourite features of your stroller??? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Or if you have this stroller what do you love/hate about it.

Thank you so much for reading along. Side note..... this review is not a sponsored post, I'm sharing how much we love our stroller.


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