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REVIEW: BBLuv Baby Gear

Its been a whirlwind of two whole weeks since we've welcomed baby girl and we added some new baby items to baby girl's little nursery area. We were gifted this awesome

The Ümi is an ultrasonic humidifier and air purifier that improves the level of ease in your babies nursery. This device is super quiet, requires no filters and is energy efficient. The air purification process is led by ionization, emitting anions to capture the pollution in the air and neutralizes it. The humidifier maintains the level of moisture levels in the room for up to 28 hours and also includes an aroma diffuser.  The Ümi provides healthier air quality and a comfortable environment for the whole family.

The most great benefits of air purifier for baby is that they help remove harmful pollutants from the room and give your child the freshest air to breathe.

Air purifiers are excellent for removing:



Pet dander

Mold spores




Odor particles

I found having the air purifier/humidifer really helped with my kiddos night time sleep. It kept the room at a comfortable level to maintain a good nights sleep.

Üvi – 4-in-1 Portable UV sterilizer uses an efficient and safe technology that eliminates germs from pacifiers, baby bottles, bottle nipples and sippy spouts. We love that it doesn’t use any chemicals.

What is your essential baby gear??? Thank you so much for reading along. P,S. not a sponsored post... just sharing something that has worked our little family.


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