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REVIEW: Coral UV Sterilizer

This post is sponsored by Coral UV, but all thoughts/opinions are my own.

With three kiddos in our household, you bet we do a lot of toy washing/sanitizing. And I’m so excited we got sent this amazing UV sterilizer. I love that this Coral UV destroys 99.9% of germs in 10 minutes. The device is super easy to use with a simple sleek design.

The Sterilizer has simple touch controls with a countdown display, making it even user friendly for my little girl to use. She loved being able to put her special items into the sterilizer and getting it all cleaned.

The device also has a medium temperature dryer so there is no need to wipe anything down... how cool is that. Less for mama to worry about right!

The device is a top open design so the UV rays stays tightly sealed inside when the device is being in use.

Our household has gone all natural with all our cleaning items, so I love that using this device we aren’t using any chemicals to sterilize anything, making it safe to sanitize baby bottles, pacifiers, etc.

I have also been cleaning my breast pump parts, which is such a lifesaver since I have to clean it daily since I’m full time pumping. It's awesome to know that all my pumping parts are cleaned and ready to use every day.

Not only do we use the UV sanitizer for bottles, breast pump parts, you can even put electronic toys, we’ve put in the leap pad and even my cell phone and it all comes out clean. This sanitizer is really great for everything, such as make up brushes, small kitchen appliances you name you can clean it, I mean how cool is that!

With a touch of a button, the device also has a auto drying and sanitizing option, in 10 minutes you have sanitized items and it takes roughly 30 minutes for everything to dry. This is such an awesome device to have in your household.

What are some can’t live without devices in your household???


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