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REVIEW: Kyte Baby Clothing

Is there anything sweeter than baby clothing. But really I'm so obsessed with how soft and amazing quality these KYTE BABY clothing line. This line has so many great options, such as zippered footies, snap closures, sleep sacks, lovies, wash cloths, bath robes, etc the list goes on and on.

But these footies are seriously the softest ever. Baby girl is always so cozy in them and the material is super lightweight so baby girl won't overheat while she sleeps.

The footies come in an array of beautiful colours and seriously I want them all. The super soft footies are made from bamboo rayon with the stretchy soft material giving baby lots of room to grow into.

I think my fave is the zippered footies, it makes diaper changes in the middle of the night super fast and efficient. We also love that there are zippers at the top and bottom of the footies which is great especially again for middle of the night diaper changes.

The hats are just as soft. My little girl tends to overheat and wearing the hat and footies she's still nice comfortable.

I mean seriously I can't get over how stinkin cute our little peanut looks in this footies. We're seriously going to order a bunch more.

We also got this gorgeous sleep sack. Now if your babies tend to wiggle lots, these sleep sacks are great because it keeps baby warm instead of using the traditional blankets that they can wiggle out of.

Especially for first time mommas that aren't to sure about blankets, getting these sleep sacks will ease your mind. Its the safest way to put baby to bed and helps reduce the risk of baby getting tangled in blankets and SIDS. These sleep sacks are made of bamboo material as well so its super soft and breathable for babies to sleep in. KYTE Baby also has 3 types of sleep sacks (levels of thickness/warmth) the thicker option will be great during the cold winter months.

This isn't a sponsored post.... we're sharing some great amazing quality baby clothing items that we truly love. What are some of your favourite baby small shops????


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