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REVIEW: Nanit Plus Baby Monitor

We received this awesome baby monitor and to say I'm excited is an understatement. With my first two babies I never had a monitor it was always me constantly checking in on them if they were okay. It was this vicious cycle of trying to do something but fearful if they were sleeping or if they were breathing; which is why I'm so excited to test this smart baby monitor out. This baby monitor has so many awesome functions.

Some features of this incredible monitor:

- HD Birds eye view

- zoom and night vision

- 24/7 Background audio

- Two way audio (which means through the Nanit app, you can actually talk to your baby through the monitor.... how cool is that)

- real time smart sound/motion notifications

- view baby from anywhere (which is awesome, my hubs can go into his app while at work and check on baby girl)

- Night light

- works even when the internet is down

- multiple users with permission management (secure encryption.. i.e. no one can hack into feed)

- monitor room conditions (such as humidity, temperature and nightlight to ensure baby's comfort)

Nanit Plus also a one year warranty of services that include:

- nightly highlight reel

- sleep tracking and trends (analysis of baby's sleep patterns)

- parental visit tracking

- developmental milestones

- personalized sleep tips

- video history

- cloud storage

I highly suggest purchasing a couple extra pieces of these swaddles as well, but one swaddle comes along with the complete wall mount/floor stand system. The monitor reads the specialized pattern on the fabric, assessing your child's breathing motion.

This little guy is beyond excited to meet his baby sister. He helped put up the baby monitor and he even helped test out the two way audio. He got such a kick out of hearing my voice speak through the monitor and he cannot wait to talk through the monitor to help comfort/soothe his baby sister.

Putting together the monitor was so easy a few snaps of the plastic pieces together and a bit of drilling and voila the monitor is up and going. Besides the easy set up, registering in the app was even easier. Super straight forward instructions to connect the monitor to the app in a few minutes.

Thank you so much for reading along.... Did you have a baby monitor?? Did you find it useful.

P.S. This post is not sponsored.... I wanted to share just how excited we are to use this smart monitor.


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