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REVIEW: Owlet Smart sock Monitor

(Not sponsored.... we just love this baby item so much)

We’ve had this Owlet sock for about two weeks and I am so sad we didn’t have this right from the time baby girl was born. It has truly been an amazing item to have especially if you’re like me who worries about baby’s sleep, if they’re breathing, etc. With so many incidents with SIDS you hear all over the news, this baby sock/monitor system is a must have baby item.

We’ve used many different baby monitoring systems since baby girl was born and this is definitely our top fave.

This sock has so many amazing features:

1. Heart rate monitor- uses pulse oximetry to track baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels

2. If there is a detection of too low/too high heart rate rate or if baby’s oxygen levels start to drop, you’ll get an immediate alert. The best part is the monitor system also has preset levels, that you can set to a specific threshold to get alerts at. The system has a two-way alert system, one is a loud beep on the monitor itself and one through your phone. The feature I really love is that the monitor alerts you before your child stops breathing or before their heart stops beating.

3. The monitor is connected through an app where you can track your baby’s levels in real time. Anyone in your family can download the app, with the correct credentials to log in, they can check in on baby.

4. The smart sock is rechargeable (lasts up to 18 hrs)

5. The sock also doesn’t need WiFi in order to work. However if you using the app, you will need WiFi connection.

There is a bit of a learning curve with this product though. It took a bit of wiggling around to figure out how to put the sock on baby. The sock is super soft and comfy on baby’s foot, it grows with baby as well (3 different sock sizes for baby’s first year), easy to clean, all you have to do is take out the electronic pieces and wash the sock. But a little con to this monitor system is that as baby grows the sock may slip off since baby is more mobile and moves around in their sleep, the sock may fall off, but the alert to let you know the sock has fallen off is completely different from an actual emergency.

Now this monitor does come with a higher price tag, but the peace of mind that you get knowing your baby is being monitored while they sleep outweighs the cost, especially with the rise of SIDS I’m so thankful I have this monitor to watch over baby girl while she sleeps.

Thank you so much for reading along. What are some baby items you can't live without???


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