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Spooktacular treat

I'm all about easy peasy treats and especially with three kids I really don't want to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen. I'll be sharing some spooky treats that are so easy to put together. These treats are so easy to make my kiddos jumped in to help and we finished in record time woohoo.

These ghost croissants turned out better than expected (high fives LOL). All you need is either milk chocolate or white chocolate. I made these croissants using crescent rolls, but if you really wanna make life easier. Get those adorable small store bought croissants and call it a day.


  1. Melt white chocolate. You can either use the microwave or what I did was the double boiler method and melted th chocolate on the stove top.

  2. Once chocolate is completely melted. Let it cool slightly, pour chocolate into pipping bag, and make lines back and forth across the croissant.

  3. Place two eyes (using milk chocoalte) on top and place into the fridge.

This treat is easiest of them all LOL. Slice hot dogs in half. Cut four diagonal slits halfway up the hot dog. Boil the hot dogs according to cooking instructions and the hot dog will curl out like the picture. Stick some spooky halloween picks and voila we call these squid dogs.

This one is quite to create as well (wahoo) similar to an uncrustable, I used a large cup to cut out circles of bread. Threw some shredded cheese and melted it slightly in the microwave. Once the cheese was slightly melted I placed three small pretzle sitcks on the edge. Placed the other piece of bread on top with two white chocolate chip on top as eyes and your down. Side note... I would reccomend throwing shredded cheese on both top and bottom pieces of bread and melt both so the pretzles stick better inside the sandwich.

These two yummy treats are by far the easiest and my kiddos loved putting them together. Sliced on some bananas and put some milk chocolate chips as eyes and nose DONE. The oreos spiders we're a hit. Carefully pull off the top cookie of the orea stick 2 small pretzles on each side of cookie and close back up. Super fun for the kiddos to do.

I thought I'd throw in some healthy ish options as well like the ghostly bananas these apples are so easy to do.

This one is a healthy treat (mom win... whoop whoop). This one is also super easy to make. Cut apples and use a paper towel to dry them off a bit (helps the chocolate stick better onto it. Also reccomend using room temp apples because I didn't and the chocolate kind of didn't stick onto the apple smoothly it got lumpy in some parts LOL). Melt milk chocoalte and dip the sliced up apples into the melted chocolate and throw some sprinkles on top. I ran out of my halloween sparkles but this still looked pretty fun.

This one is the hardest out all of the treats to make. And I kinda made a booboo doing it LOL. I had cut my pipping bag tip slightly to big hence the huge globs of chocolate (LOL). This one you'd need to cut four pretzles to make one spider. Place the 8 small pieces of pretzles into a circle shape like the picture. Melt chocolate and once chocolate is cooled slightly put into pipping bag. Pipe out chocoalte in a circular motion to make a ring. Put into fridge to harden.


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