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Summer Fun

In a few short weeks, summer break will commence. Who's excited as me (no packing lunches woohoo). I'm sharing a few great ideas to do with your kiddos to keep them busy throughout the summer.

Firstly we wanted to introduce you to this great shop called Lovevery. They had beautiful wooden toys and our favourite are these play kits. They have such a huge variety of play kits for a wide range of ages. This one that was shared in the photos is called Little helper kit. How freakin adorable is this little sink???!!!

We love that these play kits promote a number of developmental areas. Such as imaginative play, fine motor development, and cognitive/intellectual development just to name a few. A great thing is that kiddos see us adults do all these things throughout the day so having child-size items such as this sink is such a great learning experience. Oh did I mention the sink has the coolest feature, the faucet actually works, is battery operated, and is so fun!

This kit came with substantial weighted puzzle pieces that whether my toddler throws it, the quality is so great it'll stay intact.

And each kit always comes with a book, this particular one was great, it was one of those flaps books. it'sWe especially love that the books always come with multicultural elements whether its about a holiday or people that reflect so many different cultures.

Summer fun Ideas:

The great part about summer with nice weather is you can do a lot of activities outdoors especially the messy ones because of the easy clean-up!

Go fishing

Visit the local Garden Centre

Go rock hunting

Check out the local duck pond

Go on a nature walk

Make Bubbles


Build a sandcastle

Fly a kite

Have a picnic

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