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Back to School for Moms

Yep you read that right back to school for moms, fashion that is. Especially for me, I am a preschool teacher and I have been teaching for over 10 years now, so back to school has been a constant in my life LOL.

Apart of the back to school process, besides getting my little girl ready is to get some things ready for myself as well. I got some great pieces to add to my wardrobe like this amazing backpack (going with the trend, which I think is going to stick around for awhile) so I can be hands free with two kids.

The formula that always works is a classic t-shirt, jeans (the one I'm wearing I actually distressed myself), a semi-classic neutral (I especially love a camo jacket) that will match a lot of other pieces of clothing in your closet and of course shoes. I'm kinda excited about the whole sneaker trend is really huge right now. And being a mama of two young kids, high heels don't work in my lifestyle. Well let's be honest I have never owned heels in my life.

Besides getting some new closet essentials, some things that have really helped me get the kiddos and myself ready for back to school is writing down a list of things needed like school supplies, clothes, etc. I get those things sorted out weeks before school starts just in case so if I did miss anything there is still time to get the missing items. Also have the kids back to their sleep routine at least a month before schools starts so they're back into the habits when school is in session. I always have a schedule on the fridge so both hubby and I know what's going on for the week so we know whose picking up/dropping off the kids. Lastly, have the kids lunch/snacks packed the night before. I suggest even having designated bins so the kiddos can help pick out their juice/snacks for their lunch bag (Some picture examples down below), it makes them feel like a big kid packing their own lunch and also takes out the struggles of what to pick out for their lunches for the next day. Lastly, have their outfits picked out and laid out either on a table or on the floor so their is no chaos in the morning. But the main thing is just to do everything way beforehand, so it takes out the stress when your down to the wire.

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