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Bonding with my babies

Being a working mama it's super hard to really enjoy it all, especially during the work week, it's tough. Not only are the days really fast paced, it's wake up, make breakfast, getting the kiddos lunches prepped for school, etc. It's a whole lot even before we head out the door. I have been trying super hard to be more mindful and spend more in the moment experiences with my kids.

We try to do these special things to stay connected with one another. Especially when I'm solo parenting most of the time, these little rituals we stick to really help with staying close to my babies.

1. We do lots of cuddling especially at night before bed while they're freshly clean outta the bath, with their jammies on and ready for a bed time story, we read many books and it's our time to connect.

2. We do daily chats at dinner (this is every dinner time) we sit and eat, without any electronics and talk. Mind you it's mostly me asking questions but what better way than to really connect with your children. Showing the your truly interested in how their day went. We usually do 2 things, the most fun thing about the day and something that wasn't so great. These little cues, spark a long winded chat most of the time. Which encourage my kids, especially my little girl to be more open.

3. Being SILLY.... I know such an easy thing but we don't do it often. Especially as a busy mama, it's sad to say but we don't have time to be silly because we're usually thinking of like a millions things that are on our TO DO list. But trust me when I say being silly is such an awesome way to connect with your kiddos. We do lots of fun walks in the rain, throwing leaves into the air, etc. We try to do something fun each day. Even if I am super exhasuted, I put in that 15 minutes of sillies.

4. COOK or BAKE with your kids. It's become a ritual, every Sunday, the kids help me do some kind of baking. With my little girl's severe NUT allergy we have opted to make snacks from home. Whether it be cookies, fruit leather, anything really I try to get the kids involved in one way or another.

5. Try COLOURING TOGETHER... But seriously it's quite theraputic not only for me but my kids. It's a calm down activity that we do often. We bring out all of the fun colouring books we have and art supplies and work on huge picture together. Its a nice moment to talk, teaching moments even about how colours mix together, what colours do we add together to make another colour. It's just a fun moment to connect from a busy day

6. We do LOTS of SINGING in our house. I don't know if its the teacher in me, but we do lots of fun songs. Lots of movement songs because the kids love dancing and twirling around. Its another SILLY activity to do to get the kids to just laugh.

What are some fun things you do with your kiddos to connect. I'd love to hear about your family rituals or special things you do with your little babes. Thank you so much for reading along and Happy THANKSGIVING WEEKEND.

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