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REVIEW: Ryla Diaper Bag

We have been using this RYLA diaper back pack for about a week and we love it so much. And if you’re like me and not a big leather fan, this back pack is 100% faux leather. Which means its easily wipeable, cause you know if you’re a mom you use baby wipes to clean everything. The outside has a large zipper pocket right at the front that fits a large phone with ease. And two bottle holders on the side of the bag, and the bottle holders are stretchy and can hold a large swell water bottle. There is also one last little zipper compartment in the back, which you can easily fit a little ipad in the back.

We also have a promo code for you to use as well “MAI20” for an awesome 20% off your order.

A little bit of INFO about the bag:

- Washable, Wipeable, Water Resistant

- Size: 11" x 6" x 14"

- 100% Faux Leather (outside)

- 100% Nylon (inside)

- Maintains form (bag doesn't fold in on itself) for easy access

- Changing Pad Included

- Wet Bag Included

- Warranty: 30-day money back guarantee

The inside is just as awesome with so many compartments. It has two large insulated bottle holders. I have tested these out and it keeps my water bottle pretty cold for quite a while. There is a little zipper compartment right above the bottle holders that can fit your mommy items. I keep my little card holder and keys in there. On the opposite side of the back pack, there are two slots that can fit your phone or other items. Lastly the main compartment is pretty large. I can easily fit all my kids items, plus their hats, mittens and other cold weather accessories and still have lots of room for other items.

Check out this awesome “PLAY BACK” diaper bag. I got mine in mountain grey, but this back comes in two other colours, a black and beautiful beige colours. Ooops also forgot that diaper back pack also comes with a super cozy diaper mat when you need to change your babies diaper. Lots of diaper bag comes with these thin diaper mats, but this one is so much thicker and a lot more comfortable for your little baby to lay on. And lastly cannot forget to mention about the zippers, the zippers are so buttery and moves back and forth with ease, so no Velcro to open and close that’ll wake up your little baby if you need to get something out of the bag.

Thanks so much for reading along. Stay tuned for our "WHAT'S IN MY DIAPER BAG"

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