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Practice Mindfulness

As a full time working mom, it can be very hard at times to be mindful of how you react to your children, your tone and body language. Without any words you can impact how your child reacts or acts around you. With this in mind I have been trying harder than ever to practice MINDFULNESS. Although some days are harder than others. Throughout our spring break, we have come up with fun activities to build a stronger relationship with my kids.

And I want to emphasis this post is in no way sponsored or paid. I am truly sharing some things that have really helped strengthen my bond with my babies. We were sent these sweet squishies from Shop Show case. They are these soft foam squishy toys, that come in different characters. We got a giant watermelon, unicorn, bunny and Easter eggs in a basket. These were a big hit and we decided to go outside and have a fun play time in the grass.

Not only did the kids enjoyed it, I also got into the squishing fun. We squished the balls, played dodge ball and tried to juggle and I failed miserably at juggling LOL. But the kids had so much fun.

But more onto this post. As I mentioned I am being more mindful around my kids, to be in the moment and really enjoy this time with them because they will be this small only once. Below we are sharing some fun mindful activities you can do with your kiddos.

1. Take a SILENT walk.

Go on a nature trail or backyard. Try to walk quietly, no talking and the only way to communicate is with your hands and eyes. It's truly a fun activity to try and do with the kiddos. We do a fun version, if someone breaks the silence first they get tickled, such a fun way to be in the moment with your family.


Another great activity about mindfulness. Sometimes we are in such a hurry rushing through a meal to watch a show, to do homework, etc. Try setting a timer, that everyone needs to stay at the table for let's say 30 minutes. Have chat about your day, do a game, we call BEST/BAD, we will each take a turn and say one awesome thing that happened and one thing that wasn't so great. And especially if you have an older child it can be so hard to get them to talk about their day, so this can be a good ice breaker.


Here in Canada, lots of schools are starting to incorporate yoga because they realized that it helps the children calm down or what we call ZEN OUT from the day. Throughout the school days there is constant go go go. And once parents come at pick up its still go go go. Once you get home its homework time, dinner time, mom setting up lunches, everyone trying to catch up and bath routine and bed routine. And then to do it all over again the next day. We do yoga most evenings. Its a fun way for the kids to decompress from the day. And it doesn't have to be any hard body movements or long either. We play one little lullaby song that's just the melody and we do simple body movements like a tree or cat. It's a great body exercise as well.


Thank you so much for reading along. We would love to know how do you practice mindfulness. If you try any of these out, please comment below, I"d love to hear all about it.

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