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MOM: 1 Pant, 2 Ways

Now that I have two kiddos having the time to get dressed and have a stylin outfit at that is no easy feat. Especially when its easier to just grab sweat pants and go. I find getting myself ready for the day not only makes me feel good but I'm so much more productive rather than staying in comfy clothes or jammies all day.

The hardest part is to build a mom friendly wardrobe without sacrificing style. It's been quite a challenge to say the least. So I decided to pick out a few key pieces, keeping in mind to purchase items that were classic and timeless. Cue these awesome leather pants and best part it has elastic waistband. Come are you like me that once you put away those maternity pants, you seriously missed those relaxing waistband pants because I sure did LOL.

But after keeping some key things in mind, I really discovered that it was a lot more easier to have a fashionable mom outfit with a few easy tips WOOHOO..... So read on mommas if you wanna create easy effortless put together mom outfits.

Effortless Stylish MOM TIPS


Why.... would you ask prints because you'd think solids are classics, but prints actually work better, they hide stains (from spitup or sticky hands) and prints also bring a plain demin or pants look like you tried.


When your sleep deprived and not really interested in having to look into your closet and pick out an outfit. Have that OUTFIT that makes you feel good easily accessible. Have that easy peasy black sweater dress with booties already set or that cute dressed up sweats outfit so you look like you tried.


I mean like that boyfriend style denim, blazer or sweater. Anything that has the boyfriend style look has that effortless, put together look you're going for. For example my outfit was styled around these amazing leather pants that I paired with my boyfriend style open cardigan or for the dressed up like with the boyfriend style blazer.


Keep those key accessories at the front door so you don't really have to think about it. Like a good backpack, scarf or dainty neckleace to make your outfit looked pulled together. And P.S. if your looking for a great backpack check out the beautiful grey one that I use all the time and use our promocode MAI20 for an incredible 20% off your purchase.

Lastly but not the least having some comfortable and stylish shoes will always make your outfit looked pulled together. And the key is comfort, if your wearing some uncomfortable shoes it'll show. I cannot remember how that saying goes but if you feel good you'll look good. Because you can have a totally cute outfit on, but if your not comfortable in it, chances are your not going to feel good.


- Do the crumple test when shopping. Find clothing items that are polyester blends, crepe or items with stretch. These items don't wrinkle easily so you can fish it straight outta the dryer and put on.

- MACHINE WASHABLE..... because who has time for hand washing LOL. This is a lifesaver to be able to throw these items into the washer.

- FREE SHIPPING/RETURNS..... this is for ONLINE SHOPPING since sizing is so tricky, having the free returns/shipping is so key just in case those cute pants you ordered are a tad to big.

What are some wardrobe staples you have always in your closet. Thank you so much for reading along.

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