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No GUILT mama

1. You let your kids roughhouse

Unless you see something that may hurt them like the edge of the coffee table, let them get all that energy out. From what researh shows, roughousing can actually strengthen neural networks in the brain that control memory, attention, and impulse control, and also improve social skills. This form of play involves the children communicating the rules, following through with the set rules and taking turns. Which is so amazing in helping the children develop their cognitive skills.

2. Leaving your child in someone else's care (i.e. daycare/nanny)

As a working mama, leaving your child with anyone is hard. We've had the luxury thus far that both my kids haven't been in daycare, since both my husband and I are able to switch and care for the kids, a nanny or daycare hasn't been needed. But with that being said "It's okay to leave your child in someone else's care", your giving your children an example that your responsible, reliable and taking a role in contributing into your household. Same goes for mommas who work from home or stay at home full time. You are allowed to leave your child if even for a couple of hours to have that time to yourself to either do some errands or take that important meeting.

3. You serve take out

Yup guess what mommas we all do it and it's okay. You don't have to be Martha Stewart cooking a huge home made meal every night. And quite frankly it must be exhausting having to do that every evening stressing about preparing and cooking this huge meal for everyone. I say as long as the take out is to your liking go for it, your family wants a happy mama not a tired stressed out mama trying to get dinner on the table.

4. You skip the nightly bath

Okay I am totally guilty for this one. But who says that a child needs to have a bath every night. Did a doctor suggest that, probably not. And some scientific fact from research, kids don't have well developed sweat/pil glands, so they perspire without actually being stinky. So who cares of you missed last nights bath, do it another day. And take it from me, my little girl has super sensitive I mean painful eczema, we actually take less baths, because it irritates her skin if we do baths every night.

5. You stop breastfeeding before the one-year mark

Now this one might be a sensitive subject to a lot of mommas and here's why we not only put a lot of pressure on ourselves to breastfeeding for an extended amount of time, we also get judgement from people around us questioning as to why we stopped breastfeeding so early or why we didn't breastfeed at all. Some mommas may not actually be able to breastfeed due to health issues, or the child simply has a hard time latching, so many things to consider as to why a mother may stop early. It doesn't matter how the baby is fed, whether its the breast or bottle, how about we agree FED is BEST.

6. Not buying those expensive organic diapers

Now I have never bought expensive organic diapers. We have always gone with the Pampers swaddlers. To be honest at the time when we got pregnant I never even thought of getting organic diapers and nor was it so readily available as it is now. So I say as long as your baby has diapers on their booty organic or not they're okay.

7. Letting your kids have screen time

This is also another sensitive subject for lots of mommas. In regards to this subject, in our household we have decided not to get cable television, what we do is get lots of education and fun DVD's from the library and every evening, both kiddos get to choose 1 short DVD to watch. Go with what your intuition tells you. Don't go about what the research or your mom friend told you, do what's best for your family whether it be 30 minutes or an hour. With my kids I found after an hour it's enough and they go off and play. The days they have too much screen time believe it or not my kids are actually much more cranky than usual.

Thank you so much for reading along

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