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Tuyet's Aquarium Birthday

After months of going back and forth with a fun theme for Tuyet's 6th birthday, we went from Shopkins to The little mermaid and ended up with going to the Vancouver Aquarium. One of the drawbacks of having a December baby is that a lot of people aren't available to come and join the festivities with the Christmas holiday, family vacations and Christmas break. We decided to go low key and spend it with just the four of us exploring the aquarium.

Tuyet had so much fun walking around exploring all the exhibits. Their favourite was definitely the jelly fishes. As we walked closer to the tank you can hear both kiddos screaming "I see the shiny jelly fishes".

It was so fun to walk through the whole aquarium watching them explore and see how everything is so amazing and new to them. They especially loved this cool feature it was literally a few feet long window with a exceptionally long window bench for the kids to climb up and get right up to the window to watch the whales, turtles and other fishes swimming by.

Another great exhibit is watching the belugas and dolphin show. Literally both kiddos were screaming with excitement as they watched the dolphins flip into the air. And we got to walk around after watching the seals, sea otters and the baby penguins. Little man was actually talking to the penguins thinking they can talk like the penguins from the madagascar movie, he kept talking to the and yelling answer me please LOL.

Vancouver Aquarium 845 Avison Way Vancouver, BC V6G 3E2

Phone: 604-659-3400

The Vancouver Aquarium is open 365 days a year. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily, and 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. seasonally/statutory holiday weekends.


Adults $36

Seniors 65+ $27

Youth (13-1) $27

Students $27

Child (4-12) $21

Child (3 and under) Free

At the Aquarium, their motto is to have everyone spend as much time as possible observing and interacting with our incredible marine life. They have lots of amenities and services onsite to help ensure that your visit is enjoyable and convenient, including lockers, and complimentary wheelchair, walkers and stroller rentals. On your way out, pass through our Gift Shop to find something memorable to help you remember your experiences for years to come. The food area has delicious (and sustainably sourced) bite to eat, or you need to find that perfect gift for a loved one, visit our cafés and gift stores.

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